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Recovering Maximum Compensation After A Motor Vehicle Accident

Congested city roads and overly aggressive motorists are a few of the challenges that Chicago drivers face. At The Fakhouri Firm, we regularly represent clients injured in motor vehicle accidents involving:

  • Pedestrians and bicyclists
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Uber, Lyft and other rideshare vehicles
  • Taxis
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Buses, fire trucks and other municipal vehicles
  • Motorcycles

Our firm is committed to recovering the maximum compensation available to you under Illinois law. Whether you have been involved in a minor collision or have suffered catastrophic injuries, we aggressively pursue the best outcome for your case.

Answering Your Accident Questions

Uncertainty abounds after an accident. We are here to identify solutions that help you move forward if you are considering taking legal action against the at-fault driver.

Before you arrange your free initial consultation with us, please read these answers to frequently asked motor vehicle accident questions:

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

  1. Check yourself and your passengers for serious injuries.
  2. Move yourself and your car to a safe location if possible.
  3. Contact a police officer for assistance.
  4. If you do not need immediate medical attention, use your phone’s camera to document as much accident evidence as possible.
  5. Get contact information and insurance information from the other driver.
  6. Contact a lawyer about your case before you file an auto accident claim.

What Does It Mean That Illinois Is An At-Fault State?

In Illinois, auto accident victims need to show that another driver’s negligence or recklessness led to a crash. Rather than receiving a payout from their own insurance provider, accident victims file claims with the at-fault party’s provider. It is important to work with a skilled attorney when pursuing a claim because these insurance companies will do everything in their power to limit the payouts victims receive.

What Does The Process Look Like If I File A Claim?

The circumstances surrounding car accidents are unique; however, the claims process is fairly uniform. These are the steps you can expect to encounter when you file a claim with an insurance company:

  1. You will need to report the accident with the at-fault party’s insurance provider.
  2. You will need to provide documentation of the accident and your injuries.
  3. The insurance provider will begin an accident investigation.
  4. You may need to get a medical assessment from the insurer’s doctor.
  5. The insurance provider will determine what your claim is worth and make a settlement offer.
  6. If you believe the offer is too small, you may negotiate for a higher payout.
  7. If parties cannot settle, you may take your matter to court.

Do You Have Other Concerns? Talk To Us Today.

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