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A new alleged victim of sexual assault is known at the bar ‘El Hefe’

Liz Capra said she was drugged and raped in 2014 by establishment staff, located in downtown Chicago. The woman also said her credit cards and cell phone were stolen. Lawyers believe there may be more victims. Read more

Second woman files lawsuit after claiming sexual assault at River North bar El Hefe

CHICAGO — A second woman has filed a lawsuit after claiming she was sexually assaulted after going to a bar in River North. Read more

‘I Didn’t Order A Roofie’: Second Woman Links Sexual Assault To El Hefe Nightclub; Liz Capra Claims She Was Drugged And Raped

CHICAGO (CBS) — A second woman has come forward to say she was drugged and raped after visiting El Hefe nightclub, a week after another woman filed a lawsuit accusing the bar’s security guards of standing by as she was sexually assaulted in the back alley. Read more

A Second Woman Sues Chicago Bar, Claiming She Was Drugged and Raped

A second woman filed a lawsuit against El Hefe, the River North bar sued last week by a Florida woman dubbed Jane Doe by her attorneys. Doe alleged she was raped in an alley behind the Hubbard Street establishment while bouncers stood nearby. Plaintiff Elizabeth Capra claims that she was also sexually assaulted after someone at the bar drugged her drink and that staff did nothing to intervene. Read more

Woman sues Chicago nightclub, alleging security guards stood by as she was sexually assaulted in an alley

(CNN)A woman is alleging that employees at a Mexican restaurant and nightclub in Chicago escorted her to an alley behind the business and stood by as a man allegedly sexually assaulted her while she was intoxicated, according to lawyers who filed a lawsuit against the business. Read more

Woman sues El Hefe for negligence after alleged sex assault outside River North bar

CHICAGO (WLS) — A woman who won a trip to Chicago says that weekend ended abruptly when she ended up in a local hospital after a sexual assault with her memory erased. Now she is suing the River North bar where she last remembers being before the assault. Read more

River North restaurant sued by woman sexually assaulted in alley

After taking in a show at the Chicago Theatre last month, a woman in town for a visit went to a River North restaurant and bar with a friend. Read more

Video shows woman raped in River North while security guards stand by, watch

CHICAGO – A woman was recently sexually assaulted in an alley in River North while two security guards for a popular bar stood nearby and did nothing to stop it. Read more

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