Prioritize Safety

Move away from danger as soon as you get your bearings, then tend to others. If you are unable to move, make yourself visible for others to help.

You may help move other victims, but do not attempt to relocate unconscious people, as you risk aggravating their condition as well as risking harm to yourself. The exception to this rule is if you have the training and experience to do so.

Check For Injuries

Try to identify any physical signs of harm to yourself, and then do the same for other people if you can. An account of your injuries will be useful when talking with the police as well as any lawyers, insurance agents, and involved parties later.

Contact Police and Emergency Responders

Dial 911 as soon as you can. Even if the accident is a minor one with little damage to any party, contacting a police officer is not only useful but required by law.

Provide relevant details to the 911 dispatcher. If an accident results in the injury of one or more people, 911 will also dispatch medical services and the fire department to provide aid as deemed necessary.

Get Medical Attention

If you can provide first-aid treatment for yourself and for others on the scene, you may attempt to do so while waiting for emergency services. When they do arrive, cooperate with them to ensure the situation remains stable.

You may have to get treatment at a hospital, in which case you will be forced to leave the scene. If so, do not resist, as your safety is still paramount, and any other concerns can be addressed later.

Gather Information at the Scene

You will want – and are legally required – to get the information of parties involved and provide yours in turn. More than that, you will want to document any additional information you can get at the scene.

Again, emergency services may send you to a medical facility, so you can do this before they arrive or get this information from police or other sources at a later date.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

Once things have settled down, contact your insurance provider to begin the claims process. You will also want to reach out to a personal injury lawyer to assist you through the process and maximize your claim.

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