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Protecting And Preventing Litigation In Business Matters

At The Fakhouri Firm, LLC, our lawyer has seen what can go wrong when business professionals move too hastily in the early stages of contract creation and company formation. We have also become all too familiar with what happens when people show up in the courtroom unprepared.

Not only can we help you to avoid litigation, but we can also take your case before a judge to find the best possible resolution and protect your interests when disputes go unresolved.

Preventing Future Litigation

No matter the industry you work in, you want to do everything possible to avoid litigation. You must consider the “what ifs” and anticipate potential risks in every decision. However, even seasoned business professionals may require assistance to avoid ending up in an Illinois courtroom.

Attorney Robert Fakhouri can help you proactively prevent business litigation by:

  • Writing comprehensive contracts
  • Laying out responsibilities and resolution strategies in partnership agreements
  • Creating succession plans
  • Ensuring your business complies with current laws

A Trusted Courtroom Advocate

When things go wrong, we are the team you need by your side. With many client success stories in corporate law cases, Mr. Fakhouri is quickly becoming Chicago’s most sought-after litigator. Together we will stand in court to protect your company’s financial stability and set up a plan for long-term success.

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