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SUVs pose dangers to pedestrians

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2023 | Car Accidents |

SUVs provide some drivers with peace of mind since large vehicles may offer more protection in a collision than smaller ones. However, an SUV’s massive size could pose risks to pedestrians in Illinois. SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans might inflict severe injuries on a pedestrian or bicyclist they hit. An SUV’s design could make it more dangerous than a smaller vehicle because of blind spots, as well.

SUVs and harm to pedestrians

As with pickup trucks and minivans, an SUV’s size and height could afford greater ground clearance, putting the driver of an SUV higher off the ground than the driver of a sedan or compact car. So, when turning, an SUV’s driver might not have a clear view of the intersection. Turning into a blind spot may result in the SUV hitting a pedestrian.

An SUV’s size and weight could make it much more lethal to pedestrians than smaller vehicles, although all vehicles could inflict fatal injuries. Regardless, an SUV’s weight might make braking more challenging, and a driver may not stop the vehicle in time to avoid impact with someone crossing the street. Additionally, an SUV’s mass could contribute to fatal injuries to anyone it strikes.

Factoring negligence

All drivers must follow all traffic rules when operating a vehicle. So, those who make illegal turns or don’t look before turning could be liable for any pedestrian accidents they cause. A driver might become aggressive and attempt to try to turn and go before any pedestrians cross the street. Such behavior could result in catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Other factors, such as drowsiness, distractions and outright intoxication, may contribute to negligence. Any driver whose negligent behavior harms others may face a civil lawsuit. In many cases, an insurance settlement could cover the claim.