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Nighttime driving risks

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Car Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Since avoiding nighttime driving is only sometimes possible, it may be necessary to be additionally cautious during evening hours. Illinois drivers may deal with unique hazards when traveling at night, and even those with much experience behind the wheel don’t always realize how many unique risks they face.

Night driving dangers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has data from 2019 that show how serious nighttime driving dangers are. According to the agency, most fatal crashes occur between 6 pm and 8:59 pm. However, Saturday night may see a high number of deadly crashes from 9:00 pm to 11:59. Of course, fatal and catastrophic accidents may happen earlier or later.

Several reasons exist why an accident could happen at night. Decreased light contributes to dangers, and drivers with blown-out bulbs in the headlights may increase the risks. A stalled vehicle might not be visible on a highway, leading to a rear-end accident.

Drowsy driving becomes a hazard at night as some motorists could be on the road or have remained awake for long hours. Drowsy driving could downgrade perceptions and reaction time, and some drivers may fall asleep at the wheel. Drunk driving might cause similar problems as reckless driving. Since many people drink at bars and clubs into the evening, there could be greater numbers of drunk drivers on the road.

Liabilities and night driving

Persons who cause car crashes because of reckless, intoxicated or drowsy driving could be liable for damages. The same may happen to someone who did not maintain their vehicle and mechanical problems led to a nighttime collision. Ultimately, if someone’s negligence led to a crash, the liable party may face civil consequences.

An auto liability policy may cover the damages after an accident. A negotiated settlement with the insurance company could be preferable to a civil trial.