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How much could you expect from a car accident claim?

by | Jun 10, 2022 | Car Accidents

Many Illinois residents might find themselves involved in a car accident caused by another party at some point. If you are one of them, you will probably wonder how much your claim may be worth.

What is the average car accident claim worth?

On average, a personal injury claim stemming from a motor vehicle accident is worth around $19,000. However, this doesn’t take into account all of the factors surrounding any given case. Additionally, many people who suffer injuries in car accidents often deal with insurance companies and accept the first settlement amount they’re offered. This often leads to the victim accepting considerably less money than what their case is actually worth.

What factors influence a possible settlement?

The amount that a victim of a car accident claim might receive if their case is successful depends on certain factors. The severity of their injury is one of the major ones. Both economic and non-economic damages could be claimed. Economic damages are those that can be given a specific cost such as medical expenses, lost wages and property damage. Meanwhile, non-economic damages cannot be given a price tag such as mental anguish or emotional distress.

Successfully proving that the other driver is liable can only strengthen your case. Illinois is also a fault state, which means that if you have sustained injuries in a car accident, you can file your claim directly against the at-fault driver instead of your own car insurance policy to recover compensation.

The best way to try to get the maximum settlement possible in a car accident case is to present as much evidence as possible. Your medical bills, car repair bills, photos of the scene and witness statements might help your case a lot.