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Causes and types of car crashes

On Behalf of | May 3, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Illinois car accidents cause many losses to victims. The losses range from property damage to severe injuries and death. Learning about the common reasons for car accidents could help people become more defensive drivers, although avoiding a crash is sometimes challenging. Driving in bad weather, for example, may lead to skidding and crashing. And unfortunately, another driver’s reckless behavior can be more dangerous than wet roads.

Reasons for car crashes

Moving violations contribute to many jarring accident statistics. Speeding ranks high on the list of causes of collisions since speeding drivers can’t always stop in time or even notice a pedestrian or bicyclist on the road.

Ignoring stop signs, red lights, no left turn, and other signs open doors to dangers. A driver that doesn’t stop at a yield sign may allow impatience to undermine safe driving practices. Many drivers frequently allow a desire to rush to a destination to overcome common safety sense.

Sometimes, specific behavior could cause a particular crash. A head-on accident might occur when a driver crosses a double line, causing a fatal incident, for example.

Common types of car crashes

No matter the common reasons for car accidents, the results could be fatal. Various car accidents, such as rear-end collisions, intersection crashes, T-bone accidents, and others, might lead to tragic consequences. Not looking before changing lanes could result in a side-swipe accident, and people can back into another vehicle or hit a pole when not looking while in reverse.

Multi-car crashes could leave several people hurt and may involve numerous responsible parties. Expect subsequent litigation to seek compensation from all responsible parties.

Although an insurance provider has a contractual duty to pay for damages after accepting the risk, the company may intend to reduce its losses. Tough negotiating tactics combined with the presentation of clear evidence may lead to a better settlement figure.