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Why are Illinois car accidents on the rise?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Transportation officials in Illinois are dealing with an apparent dilemma following the release of traffic accident numbers in the state. Chicago alone has experienced a 45% increase in auto accidents, which has the city managers scratching their heads regarding what to do about the horrible breakdown in public highway safety. So how did this happen? It seems there are multiple reasons for the sharp increase, and it is proof positive that the new population management ideology that has also resulted in a massive increase in the murder rate in Chicago is not working on a wholesale basis.

Lack of enforcement

The reduction in police staffing has shown up in various ways in northern Illinois and Chicago in particular. When police officers are reduced in number, there are fewer patrol officers on the street to write citations, in particular for speeding and reckless driving. Under these conditions, it is natural that the number of car accidents will increase.

More vehicles on the road

Another issue that occurred during the reporting period is that there was more than likely a significantly increased number of vehicles using the highways. The shutdown of many businesses meant that more people had more leisure time and extra money to fuel not only their modes of transportation, but their activity increased as well. The study revealed that even though the state controls only 10% of the highway system in the state, there were 50% more motor vehicle accident fatalities in 2020.

There are assuredly other factors that had an incremental impact on the increase, but these two issues alone were enough to set the stage for the drastic rise. And when this is coupled with the number of people who were hospitalized for an illness, injury treatment facilities were under stress as well to treat those who survived crashes.