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How Illinois drivers can drive safe at night

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Illinois drivers face increased challenges driving at night when compared to daytime driving. A lot of factors – including decreased visibility and reflection from the lights – can make nighttime the most dangerous time to drive.

Why is night driving so dangerous?

Driving at night means that your average visibility is limited to around 250 feet – unless you have your high beams on, in which case it would be 500 feet. This decreased visibility makes it hard to react quickly to animals or other things on the road.

There tend to be fewer people on the roads at night, which often means people driving at night go faster without even realizing it. The decreased visibility paired with driving at higher speeds can be a recipe for disaster.

Other things – like headlights from other cars or glares from street lights – can also briefly blind drivers. Even though it might only be for seconds at a time, this can be enough to cause an accident.

What can I do to stay safe when driving at night?

It’s rare that anyone chooses to drive at night. Instead, daylight savings time and long commutes to and from work make driving in the dark a necessity.

There are a few things drivers can do to keep safe when driving on the roads. Keeping your windshield clean to get rid of streaks or anything that would cause a glare is the first thing.

You should also drive more slowly to compensate for the decreased visibility and make sure you’re maintaining a steady speed. Paying attention so you’re able to react quickly is also important.

Drivers who wear glasses should invest in anti-reflective glasses. In addition, drivers should look into dimming their dashboard lights and practice looking away from oncoming traffic headlines.

Driving safely at night can seem scary. But with practice and caution, it can be a safe experience.