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Unsecured loads may cause tremendous damage

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Commercial trucks pose some serious safety issues for other motorists on Illinois highways, and especially when they are at capacity weight or overloaded. Even properly secured loads can shift even if they are palletized, which in turn can put excessive weight and stress on certain portions of the trailer. This in turn can also impact how the truck handles for drivers, as the most professional drivers can still experience difficulty controlling a rig that is unbalanced or overweight.

Flatbed trailers

Flatbed trailers are open air carrier platforms that give shippers more flexibility when loading cargo. Flatbeds can be loaded from a ramp on the rear, or they can be loaded on the side using cranes or lift trucks. All cargo should be centered in the middle of the bed with heavy duty booms or ratchets used to tighten the cargo into place. Shifting can be a real problem while in transit, which often results in motor vehicle accidents, including falling off of the flatbed in serious situations of improper anchoring or excessive weight.

Box containers

Cargo loaded in box containers should always be secured properly and balanced to avoid slippage. Cargo that is not anchored down can slide sideways or back and forth, which makes them susceptible to causing motor vehicle accidents from tipping over. The problem is that many times workers who are preparing the load for transit are rushed or they have ineffective booms securing the load even when using a box container. Filling a container in a balanced fashion is even more important with partial loads because the chance for shifting is greater than a full container.

It is important to note that truck drivers very often are not involved in loading their trailers. However, they do have a requirement to inspect loads regularly, and failure to inspect and stop a hauling project can actually be the decision that leads to a motor vehicle accident.