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Does autumn bring more accident risks?

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Personal Injury

Autumn weather could inspire many Illinois residents to spend more time traveling. Drawbacks come with driving when the fall season comes because weather and other conditions could create hazards. Knowing about the typical concerns associated with autumn driving might reduce the chances of a collision. Of course, choosing to drive safely may do the same as well.

The risks associated with autumn driving

Whether driving in a city or a rural area, visibility helps. Once daylight saving time ends, commuters find darkness descends earlier. Making driving adjustments could help, and so might keeping up to date on maintenance. Headlights and brake lights need to work to be effective.

Fog may roll in more in the fall, which also impacts visibility. The chance for rain could increase, which is another weather issue to worry about. Rain might lead to slicker roads, which could cause an accident. And then there are leaves and other debris that might contribute to traction problems.

Tires with low tire treads or poor inflation might contribute to rear-end accidents or head-on collisions if a driver loses control of a vehicle. Crashing into a tree or hitting a pedestrian may occur as well. Ultimately, there are numerous accidents possible when a driver doesn’t make necessary changes to deal with the autumn season.

Other concerns about fall driving

The fall might bring a unique hazard not as common as other times during the year. Deer crossings could be more common, meaning cars might end up in a front-end collision with these animals. The damage to a vehicle may be significant when hitting one of these creatures.

Personal injury claims may follow accidents involving pedestrians, and young children could be out and about more in the fall. With school in session, expect to see more children near at certain times of the day.

Autumn comes with added safe-driving responsibilities for commuters. Some added defensive driving skills might be necessary during this time of the year.