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Chicago’s most dangerous intersections for drivers

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Driving in Chicago can be tricky even for experienced motorists and especially for newcomers to the city. Traffic congestion or bad weather can make already dangerous intersections even trickier, especially with the constant flow of cars, buses, bicycles and pedestrians on busy city streets. There are several intersections that stand out as some of the most treacherous for drivers looking to stay safe on the open roads.

Speed and low visibility cause crashes

Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious property damage and severe injuries, with long-term consequences for many accident victims. Intersections like the one at Belmont and Kedzie pose extra dangers of a collision because of the limited visibility beneath the Kennedy underpass. With entrances and exits to the expressway, it can be far too easy to clip or be clipped by another driver on the road. Alertness is key to avoiding danger here. At Cicero and I-55, on the other hand, drivers may encounter confused travelers heading to or from Midway Airport, while others may speed through the intersection in a rush to make their flights. The intersection sees a record number of red-light tickets, and it can be far too easy to get caught by a speeding driver.

Diagonal intersections pose a danger

Diagonal intersections are another all-too-common Chicago roadway hazard. At Stony Island and South Chicago, six lanes intersect with 79th St. at a diagonal intersection, near a link to the Chicago Skyway. At Lincoln and Clark, the diagonal road combines with a lack of bike lanes to pose a greater threat to both motorists and cyclists. At Cicero and Milwaukee in Irving Park, another six-point intersection is a risky location that requires an alert eye on the road.

Chicago drivers often face an array of obstacles and frustrations throughout the day, especially at some of the city’s most notorious intersections. Paying close attention to the rules of the road may help motorists to avoid catastrophic collisions.