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Construction’s “fatal four”: the leading causes of death for workers

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Based on the extraordinary amount of scaffolding in the Downtown Chicago area, it is apparent that the growth and development of the city is dependent on the construction workers that tirelessly work to expand our skylines.

Construction is a dangerous industry, so the safety of these workers should be held at the highest priority. There are real hazards that can prove to be fatal to even the most careful of workers.

The four leading causes of death for construction workers

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency within the United States Department of Labor and is responsible for worker safety and health. The most recent OSHA report finds that one in five worker deaths in the US is in construction. There are four leading causes for deaths in construction, which are:

  • Falling. Falling is by far the deadliest accident of all, making up a total of 36.8% of construction deaths. Unsteady ladders, unsecured scaffolding and openings in roof/floors are all major causes of falls within the workplace.
  • Struck by an object. Construction sites are filled with heavy equipment, making it a real hazard to be struck by swinging, falling, or rolling objects.
  • Electrocutions. Deadly electrocution on a construction site often occurs when equipment such as aerial lifts or scaffolding meets a power line, creating a strong circuit. Exposed electrical work poses a serious risk to all workers on site.
  • Caught between or crushed by construction site materials/equipment. This hazard is particularly common in excavation sites where cave-ins can occur.

It is a company’s job to ensure that their workers are as safe as possible. It is an employer’s responsibility to supply proper equipment, safety trainings and safer work site standards. As Chicago expands farther, this becomes even more critical – it may even be the difference between life and death.

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