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Illinois fatalities caused by red-light runners up 50%

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Traffic fatalities resulting from motorists running red lights are on the rise across Illinois and the nation, with the number of road deaths stemming from these circumstances reaching their highest number in a decade. The increasing number of people losing their lives on the state and nation’s roadways raises important questions about how communities might be able to do more to protect their citizens while on the road. 

According to The Center Square, Illinois saw 31 road deaths resulting from red-light runners in 2017, which is a 50% increase from a decade prior. On the national level, nearly 1,000 people lost their lives in 2017 because drivers blew through red lights, with the rising number of road deaths leading some cities and towns to install red-light camera technology. 

Some safety advocates say that installing red-light cameras is an effective means of preventing traffic deaths that occur at red lights. However, it is not currently clear whether communities that utilize this technology actually see fewer red-light-related traffic deaths than those that do not. Many agree, though, that the number of Americans blowing through red lights has reached “epidemic” levels. Also, research shows that while most American drivers agree that blowing red lights is dangerous, many of them also admit to contributing to the problem themselves. 

Part of the uptick in road deaths caused by red-light runners may be due to the increased use of phones and in-vehicle technologies behind the wheel. However, safety officials also report that aggressive driving, in general, is on the rise, and this may also contribute to the rising number of people losing their lives at signaled intersections. Find more about motor vehicle crashes on our webpage. 

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