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Chicago adds to Divvy bike-sharing network

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Bike accidents |

New York is sending its once dangerous Citi Bikes to Chicago.

While Chicago is known for their Lyft owned Divvy bike-share program, they have added a new member to their fleet. Hundreds of previously electric Citi Bikes, once widespread in New York City, were stripped of their electrical powers and sent to Chicago to assist their community of bike-sharing riders as pedal bikes. New York decided to rid themselves of their electric bikes after numerous riders flew over the handlebars due to braking issues.

While the old-school pedal bikes require more effort than the pedal-assisted e-bikes, increased safety for the rider was the primary concern.

Even traditional pedal bikes carry a risk

Ride-sharing bike programs are becoming ever-present across the country and are a convenient way to get around, but if used in an unsafe manner can lead to severe injuries. Enjoy the breeze in your hair and the quick trip across town, but keep an eye out for external hazards. Potential dangers include:

  • Negligent drivers who do not see bikers or respect their space on the road
  • Old or damaged bikes that struggle to properly brake or steer
  • Pedestrians who unknowingly step in front of bikers
  • Other bikers who break standard traffic behaviors, colliding with other cyclists in the process
  • CTA buses that quickly pull into bike lanes while trying to get to their stops
  • Passengers leaving parked vehicles that “door” a passing biker
  • Cabs, Lyfts and Ubers who park in bike lanes while picking up passengers

Bike accidents can easily result in life-changing injuries or even death. If possible, travel on streets with designated bike lanes, the 606 elevated path or the Lake Front Trail’s bike path. Biking in areas where other bikers, drivers and pedestrians anticipate seeing bikers can reduce (but not eliminate) your chances of being hit.

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